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The Beckham Hair

David Beckham is on a short list with other athletes (Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan) that have managed to turn themselves into world icons. Which is interesting because he's good at soccer and has great skills. No man could last in the game as long as he has if they didn't. But he has never been on par with a Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo or any of the other current or past elite players. Jordan and Tiger dominate(d) their sports which helped with their global recognition. Beckham deserves credit because he went global without having the same domination in his sport. How did he do it? The Hair. Oh that hair. If you ever want to know how people in England, Europe or anywhere else in the world style their hair, all you have to do is check out Beckham. In an earlier post Brad brought up the fact that Beckham's current haircut is pretty nasty. I can't argue with that. But as ridiculous as it may look, you know that tons of people will copy it. Why? Because they always have in the past, no matter how nasty.

So, in honor of the upcoming MLS Championship on Sunday, here is a look at 10 of the great Beckham hairstyles:

1. A youthful, classic look from the early years before he became a superstar. The middle/side part. Every male in the late 90s experimented with this at one point or another. Before moving onto:

2. The messy hair with the frosted tips. You probably felt so sexy and cool that you too walked around with your shirt off.

3. Proof that their is an inner gangsta in everyone. Who said white people can't pull off cornrows? I think it was society actually, after realizing Beckham couldn't even pull it off.

4. Oh the faux-hawk. You know you had or are currently sporting one of these. If you aren't or felt that you were too old, then you styled your 3 year-olds hair with a faux-hawk so that you could live vicariously through him and his hair. Either way, you were probably never bold enough to go all the way:

5. To the mohawk. Which is why you have to give Sir Beckham credit. He was never afraid to take it to the next level. Most people followed him with the faux-hawk, but jumped off the bandwagon when he busted out the full fledged mohawk.

6. Not sure what is going on here. Like when Michael Jordan left basketball to try baseball, this must have been in the experimental cycling years.

7. For all of the looks he's had over the years, I'm surprised he went with this one for his wedding. Maybe he just wanted to be the prettiest one at the wedding.

8. When money isn't an issue in marriage, what do you fight about? Who is the prettiest and who has the better hair.

9. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. He is sporting the two layered man-tail. Few tried before him, few have tried after. None have been successful.

10. And finally, the current sensation. The great David Beckham hair. Not quite sure what to make of it. I'd mock it except that he's the one taking it to the bank.
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  1. The two layered man look...I thought that was supposed to be a shout out to Japanese Ninjas everywhere.

  2. Too funny. Ironically, I just had my hair cut today and copied Victoria Beckham's hair...future post maybe?


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