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Time to Celebrate

You ever scored an important goal? The winning goal? In front of your rivals? What kind of celebration is deemed "appropriate" nowadays? It seems that more and more incidents are causing debate, fines, and suspensions. A couple of weeks ago Adebayor’s emotional goal celebration has come under fire, and might cost him an additional match ban. (he ran the full length of the field, sliding in front of the Arsenal supporters, almost causing them to riot). Now in his defense…he didn’t leave the pitch, didn’t make any crude gestures, and didn’t even take any article of clothing off. What’s the big deal?

...and the crowd goes wild.

Here are some other famous celebrations, sure to trigger great memories:
Back when Tevez played for the wrong side of town. A tribute to his daughter, pulls out a "dummy". Hmm, Carlos....where were you hiding that thing? What if you didn't score? What if it would have fallen out while playing? Uhh, that isn't mine, I swear.
The Atterbury "ducks" doing their thing.
"The nutter with a putter", Bellamy, responds to allegations that he hit Riise with a golf club during training.
I'm Eric Cantona, look at me, I'm beautiful.
Crouch, and his famous Robot.
Paolo di Canio - "a facist, not a racist"
Edmilson Ferreira - playing against "the Rabbits", pulls a carrot from his shorts and munches on it.
Robbie Fowler snorts end line- Responds to Everton fans accusing him of drug abuse.
Gascoigne "dentist chair" - binge drinking national team remake
Gascoigne - against Celtic, Mimics Orange Order Flute, and later recieved death threats Tim Cahill doing "the handcuffs" - usually a tribute to a friend or family member currently in jail.
So as you can see, it's all in good nature right? How much is too much. Who draws the line? Pretty soon, our hero's will score a goal, and not be allowed to show any emotion, and just run back to half field, ready to go again (much line the great Zidane).
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  1. The two that go too far for me are Paulo di Canio and Robbie Fowler. You could argue that Gascoigne's Orange Order Flute was too far as well due to the religious tensions there but it kind of makes me chuckle. Adebayor's was not intended to incite violence, simply to rub it in, which I think is acceptable. Even if I do think some of them go too far, I definitely do not want to see the goal celebrations turn into college football celebrations: boring. Give them a yellow card but don't suspend them.

  2. I think they're all creative. Makes the sport interesting.

  3. College football celebrations are terribly boring because they can't do anything. If they do anythimg more than give the ref the ball and sprint back to the sideline then they are penalized. It is far too regulated.

    I didn't see anything wrong with Adebayor's celebration. Maybe not terribly classy, but you're right, he did stay on the pitch or make any crude guestures or anything. If they continue to regulate things then celebrations will be removed altogether, which would be a mistake since they are part of the game.

    I love the Zidane celebrations, or lack thereof. Just another goal. No big deal.

    Where did Tevez keep the "dummy?" Besides his socks there is really only one other place to keep it right? There is no way I would put that thing in my mouth, regardless of which place he was storing it.

    And how can you play with a carrot in your shorts? At least the dummy is soft.


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