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David Beats and Humiliates Goliath in Alcorcon: Alcorcon 4 - 0 Real Madrid

Alcorcon beat Real Madrid on Tuesday in their Copa del Rey match. Most people are probably unfamiliar with Alcorcon. It's a small suburb about 15 miles outside of Madrid. Even if you visited Madrid you probably never went to, or heard of Alcorcon. If you ever had the pleasure of living in the Madrid area for say, a couple of years, Alcorcon is the type of place where you hoped you never had to live. There's nothing wrong with the city per se, but there isn't much "right" with the city either. Some cities in Spain are ripe with history. There is rich spanish culture and history that mixes and blends perfectly with modern spain or society. Alcala de Henares is a good example of this. Alcorcon isn't. Both suburbs, only one is more like a Pasadena (Alcala) type suburb and the other one is more akin to the City of Commerce or Hawaiian Gardens. (Proof of this: One of the first 5 photos that comes up in a Google Images search of Alcorcon is a picture of a bunch of teenagers being arrested. Another photo is of just a bunch of teenagers. If you know Spain, you know that if a city is known for having spanish teenagers, the city probably doesn't have much to offer society.) Basically, there is no reason to stop in Alcorcon unless you are just stopping at a gas station to go to the bathroom; or apparently if you want to see their their third-division soccer team with a payroll of just over $1 million, beat up on Real Madrid, a team with a payroll of $420 million, give or take $10 million.

You can see from the video that this wasn't exactly a highly publicized match. It looks like some high school student was asked to film the game and all he had was the video camera on his phone. I also love the "stadium". It's just bleachers lining the field. They'll probably be taken down after the game since the field probably doubles as a parking lot during the day. I'm sure some of the fans paid while most just hopped the fence to get in.

But honestly, how does this happen? I understand that both Kaka and C. Ronaldo didn't play in the game. I understand that it wasn't the normal starting 11, but there is no excuse for this. Not when you have spent over $400 million to compile all of your players. Not when you insist on neglecting your development program because you are compiling all of "the greatest players in the world." The first goal scored by Alcorcon against Real Madrid was by Borja Gomez, former Real youth player.

It's been said before on this site and it's so evident that it's just a broken record at this point, but Real has no defense. No defense. It is incomprehensible that Marcelo continues to play. He is a Roberto Carlos reincarnate. He slides way too much. He always wants to attack. He never covers his man. He gets beat all the time. He's just a roaming defender that is never in position that can't guard anyone. Sergio Ramos is the same way. He wants so desperately to score or have an assist that he is never in position. I don't even know if those guys played in the Alcorcon game but it doesn't matter. No matter who the opponent is, there are players constantly roaming free inside the box. Look how open the Alcorcon player is on the third goal. It's remarkable. Especially since that happens in every game. Every game! Champions League, La Liga, or Kings Cup. Doesn't matter the opponent. If you want to hang out in Real Madrid's box unguarded, Madrid's defense is more than happy to comply with your request.

Real has lots of issues. Not even sure where to begin or if there is any quick fix. But I think a big problem with Real Madrid this year is that they have no leader. Raul is no longer their leader. He might be their captain and inspirational leader, but he's too old and not dominate enough to be their leader on the field. C. Ronaldo isn't a leader. I think he's a competitor and wants to win, but he's too concerned about personal glory to lead a team. Maybe he is their leader, they have been struggling with him out of the lineup.

I think everyone, including myself, was waiting for Kaka or Xabi Alonso to assume the leader role. I thought one of the two of them would step up and direct the team. Kaka has been extremely timid and looks like he is feeling the weight of expectation because of his huge contract and signing. He's not playing poorly, but he's not stepping up and directing the team either. Xabi was brought in as "the final piece". The man that would direct everyone and be the midfielder that could mesh all superb talent that was on the field. Has anyone seen Xabi? It usually takes about 20-25 minutes into each game before you realize he's even on the field. Maybe leadership isn't the problem. But something is terribly wrong. A team with that payroll has no excuse for playing so pitifully.

I would say it's a shame that Real spends all this money and has all this talent and can't put it together. And it is a shame since they could really be one of the greatest teams of all time if they figured things out. But at the same time, maybe it's not a shame. Maybe it's a good thing they are struggling. Not that other teams could construct a team like Real if they wanted to, but perhaps it's good that Real's "business model" fails. Maybe it's the only way for the ownership to realize that they need to work on team chemistry if they expect to ever have any championship success. That's unlikely though as I'm sure the ownership is already out placing a bid to buy another forward since that, for some flawed reason believed by the owners, always solves the problem.

Anyone else know how to fix Real Madrid's problems? Anyone care? Maybe everyone is just happy the overspending giants are struggling.

David beats Goliath in Alcorcon:

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  1. Always play your youth team in the King's Cup. Raul should not be playing in the King's Cup until the last few rounds. The King's Cup is priority #200 for these guys and they were not at all there to play. The only way to get a motivated performance is to play your up and coming kids and tell them that this is their chance to prove that they deserve first team playing time. Otherwise no one really cares. I guess it's a lose / lose situation. If you win, it was expected and who cares it's only the King's Cup? If you lose, then everyone questions your heart, ability, and coaching. I don't think that it is as bad at Real Madrid as it seems. They'll be fine and the manager will figure out the right mix as the team plays together more. As for the defense, if you want good defense then become a Juventus fan.

  2. It is true that no one really cares about these early rounds of the King's Cup and that it is a lose/lose situation for Real. Read did play most of their second and third string players and it is more of a chance for those players to showcase their skills and abilities vs. winning the games. This game makes headlines, but it really it's not like it knocked Real out of the Cup or anything.

    But the main concern is still that no matter who is playing or who their opponent is, Real has the same ongoing issues. No defense and no cohesiveness. No one is on the same page. And that is probably because like you said it's early and the manager will figure out the right mix once the players have more time together. But still, for the amount of resources they have, their second stringers should not be losing to Alcorcon and their first stringers should not be losing to AC Milan at home or tying Sporting Gijon. Playing together more should help them get over the hurdle of beating Barcelona or advancing in the Champions League, not redeeming themselves from bad losses to Alcorcon.

  3. I think it's high expectations mixed with and idenity crisis. Like we have talked about before, at Real Madrid, you win, nothing more nothing less. They lose more than 2 games in a row a tie a few in a row and everyone starts to look around and say lets fire the manager. Son anything short of a league title is pretty much short and even that doesn't save you. (Capello). I think it's hard to enjoy much when the stakes are that high.
    Point 2, lack of identity. Do you know why there is no real stand out leader? Because every person on that team could be a captain on another team and if not a captain a star non the less. There is a saying that goes "all chiefs and no indians." That's what it's like to me. There is some universal force that says you put that many stars together (galacticos) and more often than not it still garantees nothing. (although this is the morning after the Yankees won the world series, but it took them 8 years and billions of dollars to get there.)

    Point 3: If God had blessed me with soccer talent to a level that a team like Real Madrid wanted me, I think I'd still pass and play for another team. Too much politics and a great way to waste a few years of you life, ie: most the dutch players, Guti, Morientes, Owens, Metzelder, Soldado, de la Red, and hundreds of other youth systems kids.


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