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Fernando Torres - "Get off of Me"

So I don't mean to constantly post about Liverpool, but it's hard when the enigma that is Liverpool continues. Just when they appear to be dead in the water, they come back and take a 2-0 win over Manchester United, without Steven Gerrard. Not sure what to make of the team exactly, but Fernando Torres' first goal was a beauty. The pass from Benayoun that split the two defenders to set up the goal was picture perfect. Midfielders earn their paychecks with passes like that. Torres received the pass, took a touch and nailed a rocket into the top of the net. An amazing goal. Not sure if it qualifies as a "golazo" but it was a great goal and did arguably save Liverpool's season.

The best part about the goal in my opinion was Torres' strength on the ball. Rio Ferdinand was running side by side with Torres and Torres just completely out-muscled Ferdinand and got his shot off. A classic "get off of me" moment. You could tell Ferdinand was trying desperately to get him off the ball, but to no avail. For a game that is plagued with having a reputation of players being weak and flopping all the time, its always nice to see a forward shake a defender instead of falling and hoping for the penalty. Not that Torres has never flopped, I'm sure he has, but as demonstrated in the Euro 2008 final and against Ferdinand, he is capable of dropping defenders. Every other forward not named Drogba is capable of shaking defenders instead of flopping. Not sure if I should say "flopping." Every time someone falls, it's not a flop. But I'm sure some forwards could stay stronger on the ball and I wish they would do it more because it embarrasses the defender and creates a great "get off of me" goal. Just look at Ferdinand's response after the goal. All he can do is just walk away with his head down. He knows he got abused.

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  1. It was a great goal. He wasn't even fully fit either. Rio Ferdinand has been pretty poor this season and Torres is in his head as well as Vidic's head as a resident alien at this point.

    Drogba is a bit of an enigma because he has the strength and power to stay on his feet and has used it to do so but now has a reputation as a flopper. Previous flops came back to roost for him in the Champion's League semi-final against Barca last year.

  2. Torres simply has ManU's number. He drew at least 6 fouls on Sunday and you could tell right from the get-go that Vidic was gunning for him. Definitely in their heads. Same as last season, when he dominated Vidic. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Uhb4zGiCdU - goal is at the 2:35 mark, my apologies in advance for the euro-techno-trash-track).

  3. No need to ever apologize about the music. Nothing enhances a game or highlight quite like euro disco trash.

    Awesome goal against Vidic. You have to wonder how Torres can consistently dominate a team like ManU, but then be completely silent against Sunderland and other "lesser" teams. Must just be part of the magic of the rivalry and being able to perform when it matters most.


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