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Even though it's still a few months until the transfer window closes, the rumors are already starting to fly. Various sites are reporting that there is discussion of Robinho leaving Manchester City for Barcelona. Other sites are reporting that it's just a rumor and that there are no talks underway. Regardless, Robinho needs to quit crying and sucking his thumb and play some soccer. When he left Real Madrid I blamed Real as I thought management had yet again given up on good, young talent to pursue and overpay another big name star. I still don't doubt that could have been the case with Robinho, but now I am beginning to wonder if it was more Robinho crying his way out of Madrid rather than management mistreating another player. He left Real Madrid to "build" Manchester City and bring City to the world stage. City wasn't able to accomplish the lofty goals in Robinho's first season, and now any success will be due to the acquisitions of Adebayor, Tevez, Barry and all of the other players City has recently purchased.

Robinho has talent, but he has yet to really prove himself. He showed flashes of brilliance at Real Madrid but left before he could really establish himself as a dominant striker. Who knows if the Barcelona deal would happen. Robinho says it would "be a pleasure to play there." As though anyone wouldn't want to play with Barcelona right now. As good as Robinho may be, it won't be easy to crack the starting 11 at Barcelona. If he doesn't make an impact there, I wonder where he will cry himself to next.

AC Milan has also confirmed that David Beckham is coming back in January just in time for fashion week. He will also reportedly play soccer during the winter as well. I thought it was a logical move last year and I think it is logical this year as well. He's a good looking man and he should be on the runway. Plus, he can still get playing time with one of the top clubs in one of the premier European leagues. The competition and quality is just better than the MLS. Plus, if he is really trying to get a spot on England's World Cup team, he needs to be playing at a higher level and showing that he can compete with the best in the world. Something he can't do in Houston, San Jose or Kansas City. I understand he has completely destroyed ties with the MLS, but if you looked that good in Armani jeans, you would do the same thing too.

Finally, it's not really transfer news yet, but Valencia is in a dire financial situation and may have to sell off David Villa and David Silva. David Villa wearing his shoes on the wrong feet is still a better striker than Robinho. No team should be making a move for any forward until they find out if they can get David Villa. He will probably go to a Chelsea, or Real Madrid, or Barcelona and "the rich will just get richer." It would be awesome if he went to Liverpool or Sevilla and turned those teams into legit contenders. Where ever he goes, the team will be instantly improved.
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  1. Excited, frustrated, enfuriated.

    That seems to be the emotions that fans go thru when "Robi" shows up. First he pisses off Santos, then Real Madrid (and Chelsea in the process), and now he is losing City fans rapidly. I won't miss him if he leaves us in January.

    adding to the rumor list.....

    You think Henry really wants to go play in the MLS with the New York Red Bull. I've heard this rumor for a few years now....but it is finally starting to look like it might happen now that Barca are curiously window shopping for a replacement. I'm not sure Henry knows how bad the Red Bulls suck.

  2. I'm not even sure he knows who the Red Bulls are. I think Henry might actually go to the MLS but not for a couple years. I think Barca would like to replace him, but there has to be another European club that would want him.


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