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MLS CUP 2009

Can you believe it? Real Salt Lake are the Eastern Conference Champs.Yes, I said Eastern. How does that work? It's one of the fun quirks of MLS. It makes sense though, they don't want to have crappy teams from a weaker Conference make the playoffs, so instead, they take the top two from each side, and then let points determine the rest. Sure would make it easier if they just went to single table...maybe in a few years.

Does RSL have one more victory in them? After having upset Columbus, and now Chicago, RSL head to Seattle for the final against the LA Circus. Speaking of Seattle...they sure know how to host a party. They have had to open up additional seats. Fans are flocking to Qwest field for the big showdown. I think capacity has been raised to 42,000. RSL has conquered the Space Needle.
So, can RSL beat David and Landon? During the season they tied, and RSL won. I would say it's anyone's game, and hopefully it will be an offensive night, with a handful of goals. If the Gals play anything like Beckham's new haircut....RSL will roll them. (sorry Becks...that thing is nasty)
When: Sunday 8:30 p.m . ET (ESPN)
Where: Qwest field, Seattle
Who: LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake

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  1. Is the hair nastier than the tattoo arm sleeves? I think it's only a matter of time until Beckham tries to start the tattoo leg sleeves trend.

    Can any Utah team beat an LA team in a championship game? This would be a storybook ending for Beckham and Donovan to win before one or both of them leaves the MLS. I'm sure all RSL fans would love to ruin that ending.


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