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The Times Online Agrees with Fastbreak

Today, the Times Online came out and agreed with our opinion that the Patrick Vieira transfer to Manchester City doesn't make sense in their aptly titled article: "Vieira's move to Manchseter City does not make sense." Now granted, the Times doesn't specifically mention Fastbreak Futbol or say that they are concurring with our post. I also can't really prove that they actually visited our site. But we are both respectable soccer sites and we read their stuff so surely they read ours. I mean, we did publish our opinion on January 7, 2010 and their article came out January 8, 2010. How else could they have reached their opinion? Maybe they didn't use random and weird fast food analogies to make their point as to why the transfer doesn't make sense. Whatever. They have their style, we have ours. Potato, Pot"ah"to. Bottom line is that if you respect and read the Times, you might as well give the same respect to Fastbreak. I mean, it's all the same quality content and we are clearly both on the same side of the fence.
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