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Adebayor - True Beauty in Manchester City's Win

Manchester City beat Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday. Emmanuel Adebayor showed why soccer is often called the beautiful game. More on that goal in a second.

I continue to struggle with the penalty kick given to Manchester City which led to their first goal. I've blogged about this before so I don't want to be repetitive or a broken record. I understand that a penalty is a penalty and that you can't foul someone in the box, otherwise it results in a free kick from the spot for the other team. But I hate when a player is fouled and gets a penalty even though it's unclear if he could have made a play even if he wasn't fouled. I understand you can't foul someone in the box, but if they are dribbling the ball out of bounds and can't make a play anyways, why should they deserve a penalty kick? Granted, it's difficult to tell if Adam Johnson would have kept possession of the ball even if he wasn't tripped. Regardless, the penalty is given and Tevez makes a lucky shot and Manchester City goes up 1-0.

But the real highlight of the night is the second goal scored by Adebayor. It's such a beauty. It comes at the 2:00 mark in the video below. I think the pass is actually from Vieira. Looks like Vieira is turning out to be a decent player for Man City despite the opinion to the contrary by illustrious soccer experts. Not sure what to say about the Adebayor goal. It's one of those goals where you appreciate it whether or not you like soccer. True beauty, no matter the form, rings true with everyone. Receiving that long pass on his chest, turning on the ball before it hits the ground and rocketing it into the back of the net is just magnificent. Golazo? No. Not a big enough moment or stage. But highly skilled and truly beautiful.

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