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I went off in the last post about beautiful fastbreaks, but didn't even mention "El Tacon de Dios" or "The Heel of God" that happened on Saturday in Real Madrid's game against Deportivo de la Coruna. I didn't quite realize it was a fastbreak because of the assist that overshadows everything else that transpires, including the goal. Not sure if you will find a more selfless move than what Guti did. Few players in the game would ever turn down the goal scoring opportunity that Guti had. An even smaller percentage of those players would actually have the huevos to make that pass in that moment. It's just brilliant. Phil Ball provides a great commentary and analysis of the goal and Guti (he also coins the term 'taconazo' - the heel pass version of 'golazo').
Here is just an excerpt:

"If you were at all conscious this weekend and vaguely interested in football you will have seen the back-heeled pass that Real Madrid's Guti conjured up on Saturday night for Karim Benzema to score against Deportivo de La Coruña, up in windy Galicia. If not, take a look now. This is because, to return to the point that Ken Loach was presumably trying to make in his film, it's the unexpected that causes the greatest impact in your life - perhaps a moment where you dared to take a risk and it came off, and then you remember it for ever as a life-changing decision because you know you could have taken the safer option. But if you had, your life would have been the poorer somehow.

The wonder of Guti's 'Tacón de Dios' (Heel of God, dixit Marca) is that it has changed in an instant the player's image, from burned-out waster outliving his time in La Liga and entertaining us only with his weird declarations to the press - the latest that he intended to retire to Bangkok - to reconfirmed genius."
As always, Phil Ball is spot on. If Guti had just scored the goal, it would have made the highlight reel for the games this weekend. Instead he took the other option, the one that isn't nearly as safe, but etches the goal in soccer highlight history. Who knows what will happen with Guti this season. He's always been all over the map. But if he continues to play like he has in the past couple of games, he could be the piece that relaxes the team and also brings them together and makes Madrid a dominant force again.

Check out the goal. It's at the 1:20 mark.

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  1. Absolutely unexpected and brilliant; both absurd and outrageous in modern football; a "tacon" only begins to describe it; it's moments like this that should renew B.Hurd's hope in R.Madrid.

  2. Anyone that knows me (Craigers thank you, even the anonmity can't mask you) knows that I am a BIG Guti fan.

    For years I have harped that he is the "bastard" child of Real Mardid. Honestly, think of the names he has played with over his long career with Real: Zidane (Greatest of all time possibly), Ronaldo (Brasilian & Portugues), Beckham, Figo, Raul, Morientes (another bastard child and a favorite of mine, please reference the Champions League 2004 Monico vs Real, Morientes single handely beat the whole Real Mardrid team to knock them out: Toma!), Roberto Carlos, Iker, Hierro (best center defender we have ever had), Canovaro, Huelguera (seriously, he was very good at one time), Owen (fail), Emerson (fail), Woodgate (fail), Hientze (not total fail, but out like clear pepsi), Dutch flavors of : Van Nistelroy (I love that man, still pissed he's gone), Huntgalaar (clear pepsi), Robben (good but not a team player really), Snyder (a favorite, wish we could have kept him), Vander Vaart (is he still on the team?), Salgado (kinda of a staple for years, plays with tons of heart), and how could we forget Robinho!

    Do you get what I'm saying here? When one really starts to look at Real Madrid we have a higher turn over than substitute teachers in Compton school districts. They can bring in BIG names that many times are on the decend of their careers, pay way too much for them, they play for a time, coach changes, they don't materialize like Real had hoped, and we sell them for a fraction of the cost. That my friends is a great business plan!

    So what makes Guti special. Just so you know, Guti was special before this goal in my book, long before. He (like Raul) has demonstrated a commitment to the team even in times when his future looked grim. He has been through at least 6 coaching changes that I can think of, maybe more. Anyone that has played sports knows that it's hard to stay on the starting squad and Real Madrid is no exception to the rule possibly one of the most difficult sport teams to start on in the world, fair enough? Well, Guti has been amazing long before the "tacon", it just took another brilliant pass for everyone else to realize it. For fun watch the game on the post over a week ago when Real played Malaga. Note Guti's "craft" on goal number 2 by CR9. Guti should have asked CR9 if he wanted fries with that.

    Point is, when you start to watch Guti you start to see the genious of a midfielder that he is. He's been doing it for years, one of the best, just doesn't get the press an Iniesta, Xavi, or Kaka gets. By the way, when Real paid a rediculous amount for Xabi Alonso, I told everyone that Guti was better... told you so.



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