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U.S. Loses to Ghana: Bob Bradley gets it wrong

While I respect him, I disagree with his starting lineup.  Bob Bradley pulled Ricardo Clark after only 30 minutes, essentially admitting that he got it wrong.  Maurice Edu and Benny Feilhaber should be starting.  They proved their worth against Algeria by possessing the ball well and controlling the midfield in conjunction with Dempsey and Donovan.  

The goals were bad.  Clark was dispossessed and Howard was completely out of position.  The second goal was more of the same.  When overtime hit, the U.S. abandoned the strategy that got them the first goal.

Tough ending to a fun tournament for the U.S.

Thoughts on the game?

Thoughts on Bradley's future?
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  1. Remember the horror show of the Copa America 2007? The guy just doesn't make good selections. He's proven that again for this tournament.

    I think Bob Bradley needs to go, this needed to be done a while ago. Credit to him for getting us to the knockout stages but goodness me; were we lucky or what? Drawing against England was luck, the players showed their class against Slovenia, but we made it to the knockout stages by the skin of our teeth versus Algeria.

    We need a new manager that can strengthen the team defensively and make the players play with confidence.

  2. I agree. He needs to be gone.

    If we ever want to be a true contender and actually win the Cup, then we need to hold our coaches to a high expectations. It's harsh, but we shouldn't be content with getting to the round of 16 anymore. If we don't make changes then it sends the message that we are happy with how things ended and we are fine being a mediocre team and never a true contender.

    I agree that we really didn't play well. A lucky tie from England and barely beat Algeria. We should be able to beat Ghana. But we aren't improving. Something has to give. Gotta be Bradley. Bring in Klinsmann.

  3. We need a guy who will wear a suit, preferably an Italian-made one.

    Even though I didn't count on the US doing well I was still sorry to see them get out. Not surprised though because it seemed that they couldn't bring intensity to their game until they were forced to by being behind.

  4. I still don't understand why he won't start Feilhaber. It was even to the point that the announcers were questioning it and not able to come up with any reasons why he wouldn't be in there. And then with starting Clark in the midfield and that giveaway put a big huge spotlight on that bad decision too. While he does deserve credit for being able to keep the players inspired and focused enough to keep on coming back, he's not getting enough of the credit for whatever it is that he does that allow the US to take a dump in the first 15 minutes of every game. Time for him to go. Although I think he did do a mostly good job during his tenure.


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