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Viva Espana!

Well, I can't say I don't know anything because I did pick Spain to win, but they didn't exactly pull it off the way I suggested. Apparently Vicente del Bosque knows his players and team better than yours truly. Below are my suggestions and how it actually played out.

1. No start for Torres.

Torres didn't start and while I love the guy, it was probably the better move. Spain played well and had plenty of attacking opportunities. Would they have had all of those if Torres had started? Perhaps. Probably.But the changes and combination really brought out the best in the players. Of course Pedro, who got the start over Torres, was extremely selfish at the end of the game. Spain could have iced the game if Pedro makes this pass. Instead Pedro tries for the glory and is denied.

2. No siesta.

Spain played their style, but with urgency. The team played well and didn't sit back and play possession without attacking. They created opportunities and didn't let Germany get into their rhythm. It became more intense in the second half when Germany finally started mounting their attacks with more frequency. But Spain weathered the storm, kept their possession and continued to play with urgency and it finally payed off.

3. Casillas. Had a great save and played well. Germany just didn't have as many shots as I expected.

4. Everyone hit their potential.

I honestly think it was because Spain entered as the underdog. They have been the favorites in every game of the tournament. Finally people were picking against Spain and I think it motivated them to play at a higher level.

So Spain v. Netherlands on Sunday. A historic final. Neither team has ever won the World Cup. So everyone wins. Only if Spain actually wins though.
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  1. I still disagree with keeping Torres out. Furthermore, I think that Pedro was really stupid not to pass that ball. Not only could he have finished the game, but it would have allowed Torres to get that first goal and probably spark his confidence a bit.

    I've seen Torres make so many difficult goals look easy and despite being a vicious goal scorer, he is always quick to play someone through for the easy goal.

    What Pedro did was despicable and could have cost Spain their first final. Here's to hoping they start Torres in the final.

  2. I agree it was despicable. It's a very selfish move to not pass the ball. Torres is so open it's ridiculous. Even though he's been off his game a little, at that spot on the field, having a one on one with the goalie, it's practically a guaranteed goal if he passes the ball.

    I'm still torn on the not starting part. Torres has been a little off so I find it hard to blame the coach for trying something different and trying to mix it up. It's also hard because Spain won, so in a sense you can't really say the coach made a bad move. But I would rather see Torres on the field and I don't know that Pedro specifically was the difference-maker out there for Spain. I still think Torres should start and bring in Pedro off the bench.

    Have you been hearing about the Torres to Chelsea rumors? Would you still love him then? I'd rather he go to a different team, but I'll still root for him. I'm also not a die hard Man U fan either though.

  3. If Torres moves to Chelsea then I must hate him in the same way that I hate all those players.

    For that reason, please do not go to the dark side Torres... please.

    As we discussed elsewhere, I don't see why the coach needs to change anything up. Spain has been playing well and winning with style and control. Torres is steadily improving and he has not had a disappointing cup other than not finding the back of the net... yet. (I would not characterize Messi's cup as a failure just because he didn't score--he facilitated almost all the goals for Argentina)

    Bottom line, Pedro was put in to score because Torres has not been scoring. Not only did Pedro fail to score, but he blew a crucial play that could have really blown it for Spain. If Germany would have scored a late goal, I think they would have gone on to win that match--the last few minutes were pretty sketchy for Spain. All Spain fans reaching for their blood pressure medication those last few minutes can thank Pedro and his selfish and idiotic decision.


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