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What Would You Do?

Oh the drama. If you didn't see the Uruguay/Ghana game, you missed out on a classic and some fantastic drama. With seconds left in overtime, Uruguay player Luis Suarez blocks a sure goal with his hands. He is justifiably red-carded. Ghana is given a penalty, but misses! Check it out:

Suarez isn't even trying to pretend like he didn't block it with his hands. He knows.

What would you have done? Is that poor soccer play? I'm all for it. Maybe that makes me a cheap soccer player. But if the ball goes in, like it's going to, Uruguay loses. There is too little time left in the overtime for Uruguay to score. At a different point in the game, I might feel differently. But at this point, no freebies. Might as well block it and make Ghana score the penalty kick. A big gamble that paid off. Especially since Uruguay later won the game on penalty kicks. Suarez was of course red-carded and will miss the next game. But hey, if he doesn't do that, the whole team is going home. He misses the next match, but the Uruguay dream lives on. Talk about taking one for the team.
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  2. I had a great comment that for some reason did not end up posted to the site.

    Here is the cliff's notes* version:

    I agree with every one of the ESPN commentators who were former footballers themselves: It is a foul, LIKE ANY OTHER, that has consequences and penalties. The penalty for a hand ball on the goal line is a red card and a PK--a gimmie goal. Additionally, the player is sent off, the team must play short and the player is unable to play the next game. It doesn't matter if it happens in the 2nd minute, the 30th minute, or the last minute. The ESPN commentators basically said that Suarez' actions are no more immoral or cheap than the player who tackles too hard, obstructs a runner, or grabs a jersey or arm.

    There are referees on the field for a reason. Ghana needs to just make the gimmie goal. End of story.

    Suarez isn't a cheater and he's not immoral. Given the chance, I would have done the same thing and so would almost every player out there.

    --As a side note, even if it is of no condolence to Ghana, the absence of Suarez had a massive impact on Uruguay losing out to the Netherlands today. Therefore, like it or not... the red card was an effective punishment for the crime. Ghana only has itself to blame for not putting the ball into an goal 8 yards wide, from 12 yards away.

    *Cliff's Notes is likely a poor reference as I'm quite sure google has killed that once budding tool for the lazy and unmotivated. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank Cliff's Notes for getting my lazy and unmotivated butt through AP English in high school.

  3. I second Dave's comment. Anyone who has ever played soccer would have done the same thing, and the punishment should be the levied as any other punishment would be. It's a smart play, and anyone with any kind of competitive spirit would have done the same thing. Is he really just supposed to stand there and do nothing at all?


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