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Champions League Draw: Real Madrid 2 - 0 Ajax: Jose Mourinho to the Rescue

Real Madrid drew Ajax for their first match in the group stages of the Champions League.  They were clinical in their 2-0 victory over Ajax, as shown in the video below.  The best part about this video is the interview after the game with The Special One, Jose Mourinho.  His presence at Real Madrid makes up for all of the bad signings they've made over the past few years and should give Real fans hope that they get past the first round of the knock-out stage (I'm realizing that there is a lot of insider lingo when it comes to the Champions League so I'll start working on a Beginner's Guide to the Champions League).  The man has more charisma than Barack Obama during campaign season.

After watching Real play a few questions come to mind. 

1.  What are they going to do with Kaka?  Ozil, the German International who signed with Real over the summer, is younger, better, and cheaper than Kaka.  Kaka seems like the odd man out. 

2.  Cristiano Ronaldo is lacking that killer instinct that he displayed at Manchester United right now.  I'm reminded of David Beckham's transition from soccer player to global icon.  The transition made Beckham a fortune but he wasn't quite the same great player that ran the sidelines at Old Trafford for United after he went to the darkside. 

3.  It's great that Jose acknowledges the fierce loyalty of Liverpool fans.  Even when Liverpool was losing at home 4-0 to Chelsea, they continued to sing their support of their team. 

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  1. Darkside? C. Ronaldo bugs me as much as the next guy, but I have to at least defend Madrid when you call it the darkside. Granted, it's not the club with the best reputation, but it's not like you are completely switching alliances when you go from Man U to Real Madrid. Man U isn't exactly a knight in shining armor. They may think they are, but to outside audiences they too are an evil empire. Ronaldo didn't become evil because he went to Madrid, he was already evil and Madrid sought him out because they recognized him as one of their own.

    Speaking of evil, C. Ronaldo is off his game because he is cursed. He is no longer CR-9 as he has changed to the #7 jersey. That jersey was formerly worn by Raul for the past 14 years. Ronaldo is bringing nothing but a bad omen upon himself by thinking he can rightfully wear that number at Madrid.

  2. By darkside, I mean that Beckham left his life as a footballer first and moved to a life as a model and global icon and a footballer as well. I like the CR9 curse idea. Has to be true.


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