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Liverpool Linked with Luis Suarez; Can He Solve Their Problems?

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Many outlets are reporting that Liverpool has contacted Ajax to discuss a bid for striker Luis Suarez.

Ajax is saying they have yet to receive an actual bid for Suarez, but that doesn't mean there haven't been discussions.

Apparently Suarez is interested in the move, which is good news for Liverpool as they need all the help they can get.

But is Suarez the answer to Liverpool's problems?

Many people are sounding off on Liverpool these days after their woeful start and continued poor play. The only thing that really seems to be consistent in all the analysis is that Liverpool apparently needs help in all areas.

At first it was the coach. Then the coach was replaced. If it wasn't the coach, it was the poor play by Torres. If it wasn't Torres' poor play, it was his lack of support up top. If it wasn't the lack of support, it was the struggling midfield. If not the midfield, then it's the defense that needs replacing.

Every facet of their game has been under fire, but with good reason since they are sitting in 13th place and 12 points out of finishing in the top four.

They are having a terrible season for Liverpool's standards.

So, is Suarez the answer and will he turn things around?

While that question can't really be answered until a transfer is actually made, a Suarez acquisition will do two things:

1. It will prove that the ownership is committed to winning and fixing the present situation.

Whatever you may think is Liverpool's greatest weakness at the moment, the bottom line is that they need to make a few changes and not just one.

While Suarez won't fix everything, he's at least a start and shows that the ownership will make transfers to better the team and to win, which is important for the second reason.

2. Suarez will help keep Torres happy.

If Liverpool struggles again and doesn't show signs of improvement by the end of the year, then Torres could be on the first train out of town and headed off to Chelsea, Man City or any other club.

Some critics may be fine with that or say good riddance as Torres has had somewhat of a down year, but he still shows flashes of brilliance and he is still a world-class striker. He is still valuable to Liverpool and it would hurt Liverpool to lose him.

But Torres is in his prime and probably doesn't want to waste it on a non-contender.

Suarez is a legitimate striker and would be an excellent complement for Torres. He proved he can play the supporting striker role this summer with Uruguay. Forlan was the main striker, but Suarez was a solid and legitimate option up top.

At Liverpool, if nothing else, Suarez will take some of the attention and pressure off of Torres. Even if Liverpool finishes in the middle of the table, if Suarez and Torres can find some good chemistry, it may be enough to keep Torres at Anfield for another season.

Is Suarez the answer for Liverpool?

No one individual can solve all of Liverpool's current problems. But Luis Suarez will definitely help and could prevent Liverpool from having even greater problems in the future.
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