Ever had a ref a little card happy? Dishing out cards left and right?

What about a ref that was afraid to show a Red? Are girls tougher than boys? Do they just not retaliate? How does this gal get away with this stuff? I would have clocked her.



Maybe BYU should stop preaching the whole "turn the other cheek thing".

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  1. That's crazy. Crap officiating. The UNM Psycha had one tackle in the highlight with two feet, studs up. That's a straight red card, as is the hair pull and the punches to the face.

  2. That video is incredible. I've watched it about a dozen times today. I can't decide which foul is my favorite. The hair pulling is brutal, but I'm having a hard time going against the kicking the ball in the girl's face when she's down. Just amazing. I don't know how the ref misses all the fouls. At least ESPN and every other news outlet didn't miss it. I bet the girl thought she got away with everything last night. Now her legacy is sealed on YouTube.

  3. This is probably my favorite post on the site so far. I'll admit the BYU players threw an elbow or grabbed some shorts here and there, but the Psycha--as Matt aptly names her--racked up at least two yellow- and three red-worthy acts in the 30 seconds it took to show those highlights. Too bad UNM's season is over so there can't be any real action taken against her that has any immediate effect. I'd like to watch the whole game to see how the ref handled it.

    Anyway, go Cougs!

  4. Looks like she got suspended:


  5. The only unfortunate thing is that like you said, it happened on UNM's last game of the season. When Pepe went crazy with Real Madrid last year and started kicking players when they were down, his six game suspension carried over into the start of this year. The NCAA has to at least give that girl a 1-2 match suspension if she plays next year.

  6. Does suspended indefinitely mean she'll be reinstated in time for next season? Kind of cool that this got national and even international exposure:

    http://www.clarin.com/deportes.html (hat tip to Cougarboard)

  7. Well, no. Technically it means she's out and no one knows when she will be back. I guess I just feel like her suspension won't be nearly as long if she comes back next season after 7 months off or that it would be longer if UNM still had more games left to play in their season and the NCAA had to act swiftly and impose some sort of immediate penalty or suspension.

  8. I had to laugh at her apology when she claims that her actions are not reflective of the way she plays the game.

    It should be like you said, Kent. Suspended a specific number of matches by the league and it carries into the following year.


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