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MLS Playoffs!

Sick of Champions League? Bored with the EPL? La Liga not interesting enough? Great news, the MLS Playoffs are going on. What's more American than soccer, and playoffs.

Who makes the playoffs? The top 8 teams, out of 15. (Next year team #16 Philly joins, and in 2011, teams #17 Portland, and #18 Vancouver will join the League).

The format? 1st round, home and away series. Away goals don't count for more, just final aggregate score.

So, who is your pick?
RSL vs Columbus
New England vs Chicago
Seattle vs Houston
Chivas vs LA

Last night we watched RSL upset #1 ranked Columbus 3-2. After having beaten the Crew at home 1-0, RSL showed that they are more than just an eigth place team, stomping the Supporter Shield (the team that finishes on top of the table) Champion 4-2 Aggregate.
By Sunday, we'll know who'll join RSL in advancing to the Semi's.

Those of you "Eurosnob" Americans that don't know, don't care, or don't want to let "unpure" soccer into your lives....this thing isn't going away, and eventually, you'll have to accept it. Or will you fight it forever?

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  1. Becks to leave MLS with a bang as LA wins it all. Next year, Beckham and Donovan play in Europe.

  2. That was the best road game that RSL played all year. Like playoffs anywhere in any sport, it really doesn't matter how the season went rather how well your team is playing entering the playoffs.

    Real has not really changed much since last year and once again has shown a first round stunner (Chivas last year). I don't think they will go all the way but I do believe they are playing well enough to go far. Sometimes luck goes farther than skill.

  3. I knew it was only a matter of time until a post like this showed up. I admit, I am a Eurosnob. It's hard to cheer for a league that comes up with names like Supporter Shield Champion. Supporter Shield? Sounds like He-Man. And what's with playoffs? Why even bother with a regular season if a team that finishes 8th can go on and win it all? If all that matters is that you play well in the final two weeks, you are encouraging mediocre play during the regular season.

    Anyways, I do have to give the league credit. They have generated a fan base and somehow stay in the black and not the red despite not selling out all their games or having massive TV contracts. Some good businessmen seem to be running things pretty well.


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