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10 Christmas Gifts for the Soccer Fan

10) PUGG Training Goal
These little goals are great for indoor or outdoor use and ideal for pick up games. If you coach a team they are essential. Kids would much rather put the ball in the back of the net than try to put it between two cones.

9) Soccernomics: Why England Loses, Why Germany and Brazil Win, and Why the U.S., Japan, Australia, Turkey--and Even Iraq--Are Destined to Become the Kings of the Worlds Most Popular Sport
- I already posted about this book soccer book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper insight to the game. Simon Kuper is a great writer and he has teamed up with Stefan Szymanksi, an economics professor, give new insights into the greatest game.

8) Adidas Gazelle - These are classics.
You can't go wrong with these shoes and while some may prefer the Samba
, everyone still likes the Gazelles

7) Lionel Messi Fathead Wall Graphic - These are normally giant-sized posters that watch over you night and day. In this case, the 5'3" Messi grows to become a fairly normal 6' man.

6) Fernando Torres Home Jersey - Fernando Torres is the best striker in the world. He's also a great guy. Now if you hate Liverpool, that's understandable. If you hate El Nino, what's the matter with you? Maybe you think buying the jersey of someone who is 10 years younger than you is juvenile, in which case you should get this one for your kid.

5) Jabulani FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Match Ball - Every World Cup, Adidas comes out with a new ball and every World Cup no one seems to bother trying it out until the week before when they realize that it moves a little bit different. If you want to make the ball swerve like Mario Balotelli or Cristiano, practice for 8 hours a day and get the best ball money can buy. (Or get this one that looks the same but costs $100 less).

4) FIFA Soccer 10 They took soccer video games to the next level with this one. It is awesome. Video game Messi jukes like the real Messi. Steven Gerrard smashes the ball like the real Steven Gerrard. I'm assuming Robinho does step overs like the real Robinho too, but don't recommend finding out. Too annoying. Great commercials too.

3) UEFA Champions of Europe: Champions League History 1955-2005 I'm a Champion's League junky. It's the greatest competition in the world and this DVD gives you it's history. It will take you back to Real Madrid's glory days, remind that Red Star Belgrade were once Champion's of Europe, and finish off with Liverpool's incredible comeback victory in 2005.

2) 2010 World Cup Tickets - South Africa might be a bit dangerous but this is the first African country to host the World Cup so they will want to impress. Plus, the U.S. has a favorable draw and open's the competition against England. Just don't forget to bring a jacket because it will be winter due to the whole Earth moving around the sun at a slight tilt.

1) Tickets to the Champion's League Final in Madrid Spain at the Bernebeu home of Real Madrid. Once in a lifetime opportunity for only $3,525. Once in a lifetime! No excuses.

Stay away from:

Vuvuzela - This is a great gift for you worst enemy's children. It's a big hit with the South Africans. The rest of the world is going to want to hit the South Africans with their Vuvuzela by the end of World Cup.

David Beckham Calendar - Please don't encourage him.

Goal! - The Dream Begins Shame on you for considering it and shame on me for linking to it.
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  1. I like the list. By the way, I got Soccernomics. It is really good, although the only drawback for me is that his title gives the impression that he's going to talk a lot more about the future of US soccer than he actually does. Also picked up "The Ball Is Round," which purports to be a world history of the game. Haven't got too far into it, but it's pretty interesting (albeit long). Have you heard of it? I might have to get the UEFA video--it looks awesome and deserves a place on my DVD rack next to the history of Liverpool. :)

  2. I have heard of the The Ball is Round but haven't read it. The last soccer book that I read was Neurotic Orange about Dutch soccer. I really enjoyed it. It goes through the history and culture of the Netherlands and interlays football.

  3. "Back to Real Madrid's glory days"? Are you implying they are a thing of the past?

    I like the list. I especially like the picture of the 6 year old boy in the Messi Fathead ad who is working on his laptop! Was there nothing else to put in his lap? Couldn't they give him a book or something.

    I don't think Gazelles will ever go out of style. A forever classic.

    I told the wife about #1. She was on board and suggesting we put it on the credit card before I could even tell her we would be going for a soccer match. Not that it mattered. She heard the words "trip" and "Spain" and she was sold.


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