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Poor Glen Johnson

It wasn't exactly the best day at the office this weekend for Liverpool defender Glen Johnson. Granted, scoring an own goal happens to the best of defenders from time to time. And, even though he was the player marking Andrei Arshavin for Arsenal's second goal, I don't know that any defender could have done much better in that situation. That goal is a beauty (2:15 in the video). Still though, it makes for a long day when you are somehow responsible for, or involved in both of the goals scored against your team. Not that the rest of his team was doing much throughout the game. After their first goal, I'm not sure Liverpool had any other legit scoring opportunities. The ones where afterwords all of the fans behind the goal raise their hands because they think it's a goal and then collectively collapse after the miss while the player slowly lifts his head up and stares blankly into the stadium lights and while running his hands through his hair as he thinks, "I can't believe I just botched that shot. That was my meal ticket...for the next 5 years." Sorry about your day Glen. If it's any consolation, I don't think that any of your teammates can say they played much better.

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  1. Liverpool looked the better team until they scored, at which point they went into conservative mode. It was a USMNT style loss and revealed their lack of confidence. I think they'll still finish top four if Gerrard and Torres stay fit. Arsenal was fine but don't look like title challengers without Van Persie.

  2. They did, and I think they still can finish in the top four. They will need to start beating up on teams like Wigan this Wednesday and other "should win" games in order to gain some confidence and get some chemistry. They also need to figure out how to play all 90 minutes. They were the better team before the first goal, but were out played in the second half. Arsenal wasn't necessarily brilliant, but I don't think anyone could argue that Liverpool deserved the win and Arsenal did not.


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