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A Two Match Ban?

The Cristiano Ronaldo show was in full effect on Sunday. Ronaldo scored both goals in Real Madrid's 2-0 win over Malaga. The first goal is just a beauty. Fantastic team play. The ball moves so fast down the center, then to the outside and then centered for a great finish. I think the combined salary of the 4 players that set up and scored the first goal is somewhere near $100 million. Quite the bargain. It's nice to see Guti, the blonde spaniard, getting some playing time again. The second goal is also pretty. I love the reaction from the bench. For every player on the bench that is going crazy and celebrating, you always have at least one or two that are sulking in the background and mad that they aren't getting any playingtime. At one point they too might have celebrated in order to try and impress the coach and look like a "team player" and someone that cares about the team's success. They have since given up though. They probably didn't even bother to put their shorts on underneath their warm up pants.

Anyways, a Ronaldo show isn't nearly complete without a little drama. Later in the game, Ronaldo does what he does best and gets red carded when the game is already won. Even though he clearly hits the player, I was actually surprised by the straight red card. I understand that Ronaldo hit the player in the face. He was flailing his arms and it does appear that he intentionally swung his arm back at the player. But the guy was holding his jersey. The red card seemed a little harsh. Apparently not though as Ronaldo was given a two game ban for what he did instead of the customary 1 game suspension. Two games?! Real Madrid is of course going to appeal, as well they should. I realize it was a punch to the face, but two games? Plus, "punch" is used loosely here. I'm no street fighter by any means, but Ronaldo doesn't exactly look like he would have a death blow up his sleeve. He looks more like an arm flailer and a cheap shot guy. Kicks people when they have their back turned and things like that. This looks like another example of Ronaldo just being a baby.

Maybe that is why he got a two game ban. Maybe La Liga is sick of dealing with a 3 year old. Which is what Ronaldo basically is. He whines, pouts and full on punches and kicks people when they take his ball away from him or he doesn't get his way. And maybe that is what is going on with the two game suspension. La Liga has realized that Ronaldo, like other 3 year olds is slow to learn and isn't correcting his ways, so they needed to be harsher in their discipline.

Well, whatever the reason is, I'm not a Cristiano Ronaldo apologist and I think he deserves most of the red cards he gets, but I don't agree with this one.

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  1. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllll


  2. Hmm, while I don't like Cristiano, that foul was harmless. Maybe yellow worthy.

    I can't believe clubs will tolerate (and pay) such a selfish baby.


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