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Ronaldinho - Will He Wear the Fabled Yellow Again?

Ronaldinho, according to many Brazilians is one of the best soccer players of all time, just behind Pelé. But will this Gaúcho be suiting up this summer for the World Cup? There have been many speculations as to if he will play. The last time he did play for the national team was over 8 months ago, and the last time he scored for the national team was at the Olympics in Beijing. Many have voiced their opinion about whether Ronaldinho should play this summer. Most feel that, as evidenced by his recent play with AC Milan, he is playing like he used to: flashy moves on the field with some spectacular finishes. Diego Maradona, coach of the Argentina National Team- one of Brazil's biggest rivals- thinks that Ronaldinho should play. Most Brazilians also want to see their superstar on the field.

But even if he does go to South Africa, the bigger question is where will he play?

With Robinho not playing too well at Manchester City, it would make sense that Ronaldinho could take his spot. But Robinho is one of Brazil's leading goal scorers. Robinho could just be bored at City and will regain his form for the World Cup. Then again, his style of play is so bad as of late I wouldn’t be surprised if Dunga left him on the bench, or didn’t even take him at all. That's probably a stretch, I am pretty sure that all famous Brazilian soccer stars starting with “R” will be in yellow this summer (except for Ronaldo who has gained a little too much weight since the last cup.)

On February 14 they will announce the Seleção Brasileira. Will the ugliest, and arguably greatest player of the decade be in Africa this summer? Only Dunga knows.

Lance, our Brazil correspondent, contributed this article.

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  1. His performance at AC Milan has been improving steadily this year. He may not have the magic from 4 or 5 years ago but he is still very valuable.

  2. He is a better player than Robinho. I will be ticked if "Robi" all of the sudden starts playing well when he gets back in Brasil. Go back to Santos little boy.


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