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On the Same Page As Though We Were Related

Fernando Torres came out today and admitted he is infatuated with me just as much as I with him. He didn't quite phrase it like that, but he did say that Liverpool should sign Valencia striker David Villa. Which is exactly what I said a couple weeks ago. So maybe he isn't infatuated with me per se, but we are definitely on the same page. If that page is a mutual understanding of the Liverpool needs, why couldn't it encompass a mutual admiration for each other?

On a related note, one of the comments (that wasn't about another commenter being an idiot) to the ESPN article mentioned how this could all just be part of the Torres exit strategy. And it's a interesting theory. I am skeptical if Torres will even come back this season. He's out until early March at the earliest. With the World Cup this summer, he's not going to risk further injury. He's going to limit himself for the rest of the season. Also, I don't really think Villa and David Sliva are for sale. Not for a price that Liverpool or any team can really afford anyways. Valencia is sitting comfortably in third place and actually only a couple points behind Real Madrid for second. If they hold on, they will qualify for the Champions League next year and boost their revenue.

Basically, this could just be Torres covering his bases. If Liverpool doesn't finish in the top 4, he may want out but doesn't want to seem like the bad guy, yet he wants to play for a contender. He makes these statements now, then he pulls the "I wanted to stay at Liverpool, but they didn't want to spend the money to compete and make necessary changes, so I'm forced to leave for a contender" card later and justifies his way out. Not saying that is what is going on here, but it's possible. Remember that Fernando Torres and I are related. He's my tio. We get each other.
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  1. Conspiracy theory? Interesting. I hope he stays at Liverpool. It's hard to believe that this club was so dominant last year. If they can convince Torres to stay, they should sell Gerrard and use the funds to bring in another striker and a holding midfielder.

  2. I hope so too. They are just struggling so much that if they don't qualify, I wonder if he is committed enough to Liverpool to stick with them when they aren't in the Champions League or at the top of the table. I'd like to think he is, but if you are a star player and only have a limited number of years to play at the top level, why waste any playing outside for a middle of the table team? He can do that after he turns 32.

    I agree that if they can only pick one they should go with Torres over Gerrard since Torres is younger and has more of his prime left. Ideally they can keep both. Well, ideally they finish in the top 4 and this isn't an issue. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.


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